International VDI Conference, Munich, February 2019

International VDI conference – Automotive Sensor Systems – Munich, Germany – 13-14 February 2019

Project co-ordinator, Professor Shigang Yue, was invited to speak at the International VDI (Association of German Engineers) Conference on Automotive Sensor Systems, which covered the growing importance of sensing technologies in the context of Automated and Autonomous Driving. The conference focused on innovative sensor technologies for automated and autonomous driving.

The International VDI Conference – Automotive Sensor Systems informs about the future requirements of important sensor technologies. Industry experts presented solutions for testing, simulating and validating ADAS sensor systems. The event provided insights into the role of sensors in aspects of functional safety and cyber security. In addition, the conference provided an overview of the most important trends and legal issues in the ADAS sensor market.

Main topics of the conference included:

  • Challenges & Trends in ADAS Sensing Technologies (Radar, Lidar, Camera, Ultrasonic)
  • Innovations and future Requirements for Sensor Systems
  • Functional Safety and Automotive Security Challenges
  • The Role of AI in processing and interpreting Sensor Data
  • The regulatory Framework & Development of Standards
  • Excursus: Driver Monitoring
Professor Yue’s talk, as described on the conference agenda

“I was delighted to be invited to speak at the Automotive Sensor Systems Conference about the ULTRACEPT project, which aims to provide robust collision detection methods for road safety. I spoke of the research highlights of my group in the area of insect inspired algorithms and the steps required to bring it to the point of Industry application. It was a pleasure to meet key industry personnel and talk about our research outcomes supported by the ULTRACEPT project.” Shigang Yue, February 2019.