Yannick Jonetzko ULTRACEPT Universität Hamburg tactile sensors

Yannick Jonetzko presents a paper in International Conference on Cognitive Systems and Information Processing 2020 (ICCSIP)

Yannick Jonetzko is a PhD candidate at the Universität Hamburg working on the usage of tactile sensors in multimodal environments. In 2018 he visited the Tsinghua University as part of the STEP2DYNA project and is now involved in the ULTRACEPT project and contributing to Work Package 4.

The International Conference on Cognitive Systems and Information Processing 2020 (ICCSIP) took place on  25th – 27th  December 2020 and was attended by ULTRACEPT researcher Yannick Jonetzko from project partner the Universität Hamburg. Due to the current travel restrictions, the conference was held online and Yannick’s work was presented via a pre-recorded video.

In the past few years, ICCSIP has matured into a well-established series of international conferences on cognitive information processing and related fields over the world. At their 2020 conference, over 60 researchers presented their work in multiple sessions on algorithms, applications, vision, manipulation, bioinformatics, and autonomous vehicles.

Yannick presented his conference paper Multimodal Object Analysis with Auditory and Tactile Sensing using Recurrent Neural Networks.


Robots are usually equipped with many different sensors that need to be integrated. While most research is focused on the integration of vision with other senses, we successfully integrate tactile and auditory sensor data from a complex robotic system. Herein, we train and evaluate a neural network for the classification of the content of eight optically identical medicine containers. To investigate the relevance of the tactile modality in classification under realistic conditions, we apply different noise levels to the audio data. Our results show significantly higher robustness to acoustic noise with the combined multimodal network than with the unimodal audio-based counterpart.

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