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Road pavement condition detection from Acoustic signals: A Deep Learning approach.

Siavash Bahrami is undertaking his PhD at project partner University Putra Malaysia (UPM). Siavash is currently on secondment to the University of Lincoln as an Early Stage Researcher. He is supporting the following Work Packages and Tasks as part of the Ultracept Project which is funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement 778062:

  • WP2 – Brain-inspired vision systems for long-range hazard perception

Task 2.3: To develop long range hazard perception methods coping with low light conditionsSiavash Bahrami standing by car

During my secondment at the University of Lincoln, I am working on the development of a neural network model utilizing acoustic signals. This research will be useful where sound data for road wetness levels estimation would be able to support the development of long-range hazard methods coping with low light conditions.

Attaching microphone to vehicle
Attaching microphone to vehicle

My preliminary experiment was performed on a dataset of tyre recordings available on “Detecting Road Surface Wetness from Audio with Recurrent Neural Networks” to evaluate the proposed CNN architectures. MFCCs were used as acoustic signal features to classify the wet and dry road for preliminary investigation which resulted in 98.7% accuracy.

Microphone recording tyre sound
Microphone recording tyre sound
Microphone in vehicle recording road sound
Microphone in vehicle recording road sound

In the next phase of my study, I’m going to develop a larger dataset, where recording equipment has been purchased and data collection has just begun on several roads in Lincoln.

I am also looking forward to my next Ultracept secondment with the project partner Visomorphic Technology Ltd.

This Marie Sklodowska-Curie secondment has given me access to facilities and recording equipment needed for compiling the dataset needed for both my PhD studies and the Ultracept project. In addition, the weekly meetings with other members of the project has given me the opportunity to discuss and broaden my knowledge in various related research fields.

Joint Tsinghua University and the University of Lincoln Team Wins Robotics Championship

Jiannan Zhao with his award at the Robotics Championship 2019
Jiannan Zhao with his award at the Robotics Championship

August 2019

In exciting news for Tsinghua University and the University of Lincoln, their joint robotics team has taken first prize in the first International Competition for Autonomous Running Intelligent Robots. The team consisted of five students, four from Tsinghua and 1 from Lincoln, who were awarded a total prize of $10,000.

The student from the University of Lincoln, Jiannan Zhao, supports our Ultracept project and is currently carrying out a secondment at Guangzhou University.

Tsinghua University is one of the partners involved with our Ultracept project.

The event was held in Beijing in August 2019 with 33 teams competing with representatives from over 20 countries and regions.

The competition was judged on the performance of the robot across three segments:

  • Standard
  • Freestyle
  • Performance

During the competition, the robots had to rely solely on their “brains” as no operator assistance was allowed. The robot had to autonomously analyse and make decisions on how best to cross barriers and handle variable track conditions.

Robot competition team photo
Robot competition team photo

Watch the robots in action!

See the China Daily website for a video of the event. Watch at the 53 second mark to see the winning robot in action.

Below is a video of the event from CCTV English.