Kick-Off Meeting & Workshop 1

Kick off workshop, contact persons and key researchers, including associated partner will be invited to participate for project broad road mapping, project management issues, update secondment plans, facilitate preliminary ideas exchange for all WPs.

ULTRACEPT Kick-Off meeting and Workshop 1 group photo

The ULTRACEPT Kick-off meeting was hosted by Guangzhou University (GZHU) at the Baiyun Hotel in Guangzhou, China on 23 January 2019. The workshop was held in conjunction with the project Kick-Off meeting.

The meeting was attended by staff from partner representatives and project management and planning was the key focus. It was a great opportunity for the partners to meet with one another, to discuss the aims of the project, exchange ideas, agree the next steps and network.

The agenda for the day gave an introduction to the project and the work packages, an introduction to the secondments, and presentations from partners and PhD students.

The  meeting/workshop opened with an introduction to ULTRACEPT by Project Coordinator Prof Shigang Yue. This included an outline of the project work packages, deliverables, milestones, workshop and training plan, and secondment plans. Potential risks, management issues, and the project budget were also discussed by the partners.

Lead coordinator, Shigang Yue, University of Lincoln

The workshop included the Colias IV Launch and Demonstration as well as a series of student and partner presentations.

Student Researcher presentations included:

  • Changlong Wang, Guangzhou University: Equivalence theory in sparse information recovery
  • Tian Liu, University of Lincoln: The research on multi-modal pheromone guided agent distribution algorithm
  • Cheng Hu, University of Lincoln: An overview of bio-inspired visual models research with Colias III
  • Xuelong Sun, University of Lincoln: An analysis of ring attractor for cue integration
Cheng Hu, University of Lincoln
Xuelong Sun presenting at ULTRACEPT Kick off workshop
Xuelong Sun, University of Licoln

Partner lead presentations included:

  • Jianwei Zhang, University of Hamburg: Cross-modal perception of intelligent robots
  • Claire Rind, University of Newcastle: A different kind of vision: recognising looming objects
  • Peter Simmons, University of Newcastle: Signal Processing in Visual Neurons
  • Xiaoyi Jiang, Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet Muenster: Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis: Fundamental Research and Applications
  • Chun Zhang, Tsingua University: Efficient Hardware Implementation of CNN on FPGA
Jianwei Zhang, University of Hamburg
Claire Rind, University of Newcastle
Xiaoyi Jiang, Westfaelische Wilheims-Universitaet Muenster


Ultra-layered perception with brain-inspired information processing for vehicle collision avoidance