University of Lincoln

The University of Lincoln is the Project Coordinator and the research will be carried out by the School of Computer Science.

The School of Computer Science hosts the Computational Intelligence Laboratory (CIL), the Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems (L-CAS), the Lincoln Image Engineering Laboratory (LoVE) and Lincoln Interactive Technologies Lab (InterLab), conducting world leading research in computer vision, medical image processing, visual neural systems modelling, and autonomous systems.

The school has up-to-date, modern computing equipment and facilities fostering cutting-edge research, all based in newly built modern buildings with world-leading research equipment.  The School has attracted more than £10 million of external funding since 2009, including several EU FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects.

UoL has close collaboration with several leading research groups on experimental visual neurobiology worldwide and has modern facilities to host seconded researchers to work on complex visual neural system modelling, FPGA implementation (with Handel C design suits and VHDL), VLSI design, specialised optical sensors (night vision sensors such as near IR, thermal, and L3Vsion sensors) and various robots.  UoL is also the developer of Colias® swarm robots.

Ultra-layered perception with brain-inspired information processing for vehicle collision avoidance